Free Battery Testing

At The Power Shack we offer free battery testing.  Therefore, at any time, should you feel your battery may not be operating to its full capcity, you can call in to our shop and the staff will be only too happy to conduct a free test for you with no obligation to purchase any thing from us.

Installation And Fitout

The team at The Power Shack are happy to provide you with a quote to install any portable power solution you have purchased from us into your camper, trailer, 4WD or truck.  The team uses quality parts and materials to ensure you have a professional finish and are happy with the final product and solutions.


If you can’t come to us, then we can make arrangements to come to you.  Whilst, we try and provide this as a free service, sometimes distances require us to charge a fee.  This will be disclosed once we know where the delivery is being made and the logistics associated with getting the delivery completed.

Battery Recycling

Don’t know what to do with your old car battery?  Bring it in to The Power Shack and we will take it off your hands and ensure the battery is recycled.  Did you know that 98% of a car battery can be recycled ensuring that very little contaminents are put into landfill.  We have outlined some information relating to the recycling process along with a short video on the process by How Stuff Works.

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